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The Good Wife Teaser: Diane Knows!

Will is every married man's nightmare. He preys on the vulnerable employee that he oversees. If he was so enamored with Alicia, he would not have had gratuitous sex under her nose. I'm waiting anxiously for the revealing of the true Will based upon the season 1 and 2 comments, "Has he stabbed you in the back yet?"
I adore Alan Cummings and Archie. They soooooo make the show fun. By the way, the courtroom dramas are great. I love the eccentric judges. I know it is just a tv show, but sometimes these characters stay in my head. They are amazing actors and actresses. One last thing....thanks for keeping so much of the sex within the realm of the imagination through eye contact, touching a hand during court proceedings and implied comments. It is so much more titillating than the 'in your face' sexuality of the movies. Also...I love Carrie Preston's performances. Where do we hire her and Alicia when we need great lawyers? Keep up the guest appearances. Awesome show that I have just discovered...and yes went and rented all of season one and two to catch up.