Viviana b waldorf bass

blair bass-humphrey

I've been checking out this website EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past year and a half and finally decided to become a member! I'm a ULTRA MEGA HUGE fan of GG! :DDD
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Viviana b waldorf bass
Gossip Girl Review: A Princess in Peril

of course chuck is going to make it! HE HAS TO!! he's CHUCK BASS! :D he's the love of blair's life!!

Viviana b waldorf bass

I'm glad she's having a miscarriage. I never liked the idea of Blair being a teen mom or a young mom or whatever. I don't mind that they let her be knocked up. It made season 5 start off with a bang.

Viviana b waldorf bass
Gossip Girl Set Photos: Georgina in Black!


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