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Entourage Review: "Second to Last"

I'm in agreement that Ari needs to be with Dana. I get that he loves his wife, but we've never seen her as much of anything but put-upon. Not that Ari is easy to be with...and she obviously loves him...but he needs to be in Hollywood and Dana is who he should be with. I really thought that was how it was going to go. I find Sophia insufferable. I don't know why Vince even wants to be with her. Pretentious hot chicks who also happen to be somewhat intelligence are a ton of maintenance...even for movie starts. Oh, and the "I dated a surgeon" line is lame. It only means you were a doctor's piece of ass. Big deal. This is a woman who writes magazine articles. Let's stop pretending she's a genius simply because she works for Vanity Fair. How smart is this woman if she's working in the dying world of magazines? Glad that Turtle has come into his own. My twitter feed right now is "Turtle's a millionaire?!" Also glad that Drama might actually finally become a full-fledge star in his own right. Thought it was going to happen after his canceled TV series. But now it's finally going to happen. It's about time. Sloan must have a vagina made of gold or something, because I find her awful. E going crazy over her is annoying. He should have been over her two seasons ago. Scott Caan (whatever that character is named) is right. I'd rather see E in a happy partnership with HIM than with Sloan. Enough with Sloan, already. Between her and Ari's wife, the writers of "Entourage" have a hard time writing women anyone would actually invest time in other than TV characters. They're obviously setting us up for the movie. But I really wish they'd end the show with a real finale....just in case.

Rescue Me Review: A Wedding To Remember

Does anyone here ever read interviews or things like that? Leary and his co-creator were interviewed recently and both said that Tommy deserves happiness in his life after all he has gone through. They said killing off Tommy would not be the right thing to do. He won't die. They aren't going to kill off a guy we've watched suffer for seven seasons. I know we all like to think they love to play mind games with viewers, but Leary has said repeatedly he doesn't like the idea of Tommy dying. That it would make the series a waste. That Tommy was always supposed to learn to live his life, not die because he can't. That's been the theme the entire series. Tommy dying only makes everything he has learned over the years to be pointless. Secondly, he's most certainly not going to be doing the "It was all a dream" or "He was dead in 9/11 all along thing" because Leary has also stated in interviews that he hates that sort of thing and that it, too, would belittle the message of the entire series. The series is about more than 9/11 and Leary isn't a fan of "gotcha" finales. Besides, the show is more clever than that. Only a 12 year-old would be impressed with the "He was dead all along" plot at this point. Especially after "LOST" essentially did something akin to that (more or less, kinda/sorta) a year ago. Hell, the movie "Jacob's Ladder" did that in 1990. I'd like to think Leary and Co are more clever than that. Odds are good there will be some tragedy but, in the end, Tommy will survive. Mostly, I'm just going on the fact that Leary said the finale would be uplifting, not a complete downer. Of course, since they've made his entire family a bunch of annoying, unlikeable characters, maybe living with them is worse than death for Tommy.