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This episode has had gaping holes, to little stupid ones in every single scene. Heres a recap: Princess Marcella is being sent of to Dorne for protection. Dorne is below Kings landing near the bottom of the seven kingdoms. Stannis in the last episode had his navy sailing from below Kings Landing and named his pirate/smuggler Davos Seaworth as capitan of his navy with his buddy Salandor Saan the pirate.Who had happily boasted of sinking every ship he could find and plundering to his hearts conetent. Small proability that this ship carryig her, would have manoveured around this massive navy sailing from the same direction. Rodrick Cassel a seasoned veteran knight, was granted 200 of Winterfell soliders from Brandon Stark to retake Torhen Square. His entire army was routed and sir Rodrick captured by a handful of Iron Islanders. A longships worth, this tiny raiding party, most of which had grappled Winterfells walls. We watched as Arya used her knowledge to read and tell of various armies banners and the different houses. This bright child is so dumb that after reading a war plan of attack from Lord Tywin against her own brother Rob Stark. She choosese to have killed a dumb knight who cannot going to telll Lord Tywin. Littlefinger has travelled across many battlegfeilds, to do a job which a raven couldn't, mainly to identify Arya. Daenerys her Dothraki horde was butchered and her dragons stolen. She was under the protection of Xaro, the richest man in Qarth. Sadly all his wealth couldn't afford a few soldiers to guard it. The what is her face doctor who Rob Stark is fond of. She returned home the previous episode. Her home near Castely rock not near Riverun where she is currently many miles away. This hospital service of hers really travels the mile and so do the Lannister wounded. Although more tittes for a perfect 10 rating

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