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Scandal Review: Power Corrupts

I liked this episode a lot,the fast pace is really refreshing! I know that a lot of people ware surprised that Verna was the killer, but I still think it's too easy.. Perhaps I'm reading too much into things, but I still think Mellie was at the very least Verna's accomplice. Verna did say that Fitz wasn't stupid, then we saw Fitz thinking Mellie killed her. I'm sorry, but Mellie's nerves before getting off the car--that's not pure coincidence. And this storyline can be what Shonda and co needs to get Fitz back in Liv's arms!

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Second Opinion"

1. Arizonawalking in the hospital, and Meredith recalling old events in the house to Alex.
2. About time! I loved her interaction with the interns, brings back old Cristina, but also it seems that this time, it's not to be mean, but to teach.
3. Too many characters--with the interns and a couple patients, a lot happened so yeah, not a lot of screen time from the characters whom I actually find amusing.
4. Who cares? This storyline is so annoying and got way too much screen time. I can't even remember the last time I saw April practicing medicine.
5. Bad for the relationships, which means good for drama!

Homeland Review: Come 'n Get Me, Chopper

I agree with your lukewarm reception of this episode, Dan! What disappoints me is how this season seems to be merely a repetition of the last. (question of loyalty, Carrie-Brody affair, Carrie-damage, meanwhile the terrorists remain) S01 was exciting because of the mystery surrounding Brody, but now it seems that the series will only continue switching Brody's loyalty. After a while, it seems boring. And after SNL, the overacting and underacting in parts are a lot more obvious.