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What do you think the cure will be for a werewolf bite?

I'm kinda lost in guessing, but I have two ideas how Damon might be cured. 1st is Bonnie-Emily cooperation and some spell. Bonnie will be nose bleeding again - that means she is gonna use her huge magical power again. Can't imagine in what way it would help Damon - but she will be trying. Probably she will try to break the spell making werewolf's bite deadly to a vampire. Or she will be calling for Emily's help and making her come to their world from the world of dead. Because when Stefan is talking to her, she is looking pretty well. Or Bonnie will make Stefan go into a place where Emily is.  I know, it sounds impossible, but still... And the 2nd idea is about werewolf - Damon might really need to bite Tylor to neutralize his bite with the very same blood. Up to now Tyler got off cheaply from this sacrifice story - he was taken by Klaus, Damon actually saved him, Ty started his 2nd transition and bit Damon.... and then suddenly he is at his own house safe and sound with Caroline. But Damon is dying. There should be something. At least I hope so. 

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Who's hand is it???? 2x21 promi

Have you all noticed that the tombstone says GILBERT????Are they burying Jenna? I have a bad feeling about her... Or John? But I've read that David Anders signed for the next season. It was written something like "uncle John is coming back to Mystic Falls in July" ... don't remember the source. 

And Jeremy is wearing a ring. On the photo no ring is seen, but it has to, if it's Jeremy.

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I think Klaus will either compel her or he'll stick a blood bag down her throat...

But don't a becoming vampire should kill, not just drink any blood from the bag? I thought the point is that person has to decide what way to go - to kill and finish the transition or to die not taking someone's life...

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