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Into Asylum


Sylar could have "Appeared/Disapeared" Using, Candace, Parkman, or Hiro's abilities. And I still think HRG gets around pretty quick,  HHHmmmmm?!?!?  Also, Danko.

Heroes COULD be cancelled.  What matters isnt ratings.  They want $$$!!!  They must sell enough advertising to get that money.  If they don't - no more show.  And Online episodes and legal or un-legal viewing and downloads DON'T line pockets! (yes, i said UN legal.)

As well.  I think we may see Meredith, Arthur, Adam and Ol' Whatshisname with the atomic hands from S1.  (Asbestos gloves about 4 episodes back getting on the plane!!)

And for all you damp twattled Peter lovers.  I heard rumblings that he is leaving before next season.  Movie gigs!  That woud give the writers and epic episode. (Or maybe he'll go from a rabid kitten!)  Again.  The show is called HEROES not PETER!

Thats My Buck-O-Five!

- Dave


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Cold Snap


Micah is REBEL.  No surprise.

Ali dies!! Again. What's that, the 3rd incarnation - Nikki, Traci, et al.  Which leads to the next Ali incarnation.  An earlier episode did elude to Nikki, her eveil mirror twin and Traci all being engineered.  Could be a whole crate full of the blonde non-actresses.  Barbara maybe? 

Daphne goes so a recentlly "Made-Over" Janice can come back.  She's done pretty well since she and Matt Sr. Split.  Nice digs, wardrobe and slimmer.  TT&G is a cool bambino though.  RIP Daphne.

HRG & Angela.  FORECAST ALERT:  Brother and sister.  The entire repartee was so sibling I felt like calling my big sister and giving her crap!!!  I like that familial idea, let's see if I'm right.

Sorry for Matt.  Dudes' suffered some this season.  Mohinder shoul go find Maya, he's getting useless.  What happened to his reasearch?!?!?

That's my "Buck-O'Five"  (unless I think of something else...)

- Dave


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Shades of Gray


The rerun episode last night... Anyone else notice the fire gloves on one of the prisoners?  And the low (73º) core temp on another.  Meredith, her Bro or the Nukeman... ?

But, how can that be you ask...

I don't know.  I just observed it.

Also, wasn't there a shape shifter in season one???

My Buck-O-Five.

- Dave

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