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The French Mistake

SPN does it again! One of the best epys (along with Swan Song, Switching channels. yellow Fever, too many to count!)in a long list of great ones. I love this show and although SWAN SONG WAS THE BEST (Besides LOST) Series Finale ever, I cried when it came back...like seeing old friends again!! Thank you writers....and the actors who deliver the lines so wonderfully!

Fringe: Renewed for Season Four!

After LOST left the air, this is the most original and compelling SHOW ON TV..enough cartoon and reality, and the whole lot of them!!!! FRINGE is THE BEST show on, PERIOD. tHANK YOU FOR THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX AND LISTENING TO US-THE FANS.


Loved it..cant wait for the new show..I do hope there are crossovers in some storlines...like buffy and Angel...This really grabbed my attention.

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