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The Walking Dead Review: Zombie Fishing

They really have no place to go, stuck in the same situation 24/7. The zombies are winning and will the kid ever be 100% return to normal? In the beginning, there was a time when the world thought we would all grow old, and that the cycle of mankind would continue. The News Media could only report what was happening under the authority of the United States government. The world was falling a part, someone somewhere had to do something . . .but whom? The disease was airborn and was being released through each state, town, city, and before long every man, woman and child . . .even the animals were changing. You can't keep shooting them, the more you kill them . . .they just keep coming. You can shoot and kill the person, you just cannot kill the disease. The American government said; they had a leash on this, but somehow it got out and now everyone is affected, and there is no cure. Everyone will die and there will be no one left. They can talk like they are fighting the future like the movie; Xfiles, where they were always battling something. Some how the world isn't listening, some how they are still asleep. Like the show; The Walking Dead, there is a hidden message in there, and some of you are not paying attention. makes for a great show, but in reality the U.N. sanctions, with the CDC and if you haven't been watching the news as of late about an offending smell going through certain towns, and how people are becoming really ill. then You need to do your research and follow the show, and watch out for anything that rings a bell.

Who is TV's Sexiest Female Sidekick?

I prefer Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) - Hawaii Five-0, because she's got it. If you study body language, read into the features of the character she portrays, then you would know the lady knows her stuff. As for these other ladies, Grace tops them all! WTG!! Grace.