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Dan and Serena need to come back

I can't believe how the writers are turning serena's relationship to dan.It's like they're trying to tell us, that he never really cared for her and just fell for her blonde hair, long legs and flighty ways.Although I've never been a huge derena fan, I think the writers need to get out of their delirium, which has been going since mid season 4.No wonder Blake wants to get out of GG

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Sebastian Stan was spotted near Empire Hotel! Carter RETURNS??

hell yes!

please let it be true

maybe this show would actually be worth watching again after he returns


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Carter Baizen is better than you....

gosh, when will they stop making serena pair up with friggin' random guys? since all her other couplings have already been screwed with majorly scarter now defo needs to become endgame!

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