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I love Chair. But, I miss the Dan and Serena combo. I kind of want Rufus and Lily to break-up so we can forget about this whole Dan, Jenny, Serena, and Eric being related ridiculousness. Dan and Serena were an awesome couple back in Season 1. Don't you remember the way Dan looked at Serena when she was standing in the lobby behind the railing waiting for him on their first date? I want them back together, damnit. I'm sick of Dan's promiscuity.


Gossip Girl is back on track...it's about freakin' time.
Serena & Nate must be stronger in order to be the new Chuck & Blair. The chemistry is just not there.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 79

Nate: I guess I'll just have to add this coaster to my box of Serena mementos...there should be some space left next to the empty bottle of champagne from the Shepherd wedding.

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Dan and Serena need to come back

I couldn't agree more with all of you! I miss the Dan and Serena romance from Season 1! He was sooo in awe of her, they were the main couple.! WTF happened. Maybe Serena should save Dan from his new found manwhoreness.

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Why Dan Humprehy Sucks...

A) He's with Vanessa

B) He needs to be in awe of Serena again

C) He is "cool" now

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Songs YOU would like to see on Gossip Girl. (Music)

"Avada Kedavra" by The Age Of Rockets

I am surprised this band has yet to make a debut on gg's music menu.

Seriously, take a minute to listen to this band they are amazing.

The music selection for gg seasons 1 & 2 was sooooo much better than season 3.

What's going on here? It's like the music selector for GG is no longer tapped into the scene. She used to bring us bands we've never heard of...she was always ahead of everyone, even the indie magazines.

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