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Dallas Review: A Mean Martini

Even though so far the show has given us very little reason to care about Elena, I think she and Christopher are a much better match than her and JR. I think JR will continue to be far more compelling as a badass, womanizer than as Elena's other half. And he was pretty awful to her last season, he lied to her nonstop and slept with that crazy Marta! I actually thought the chemistry between JR and Rebecca was pretty intense but then I remembered she's pregnant with twins and I'm sure that will end badly.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 144

I almost forgot I was filming Vampire Diaries and not Piranha Part 5, until I realized only the diaries would dress me in matching denim...

Suits Giveaway: Win Season 2 Prize Pack!

I think Jessica will have an extremely challenging time at the firm, as Daniel's emergence clearly damaged her power and influence. Even though Daniel is now "gone", she will face an uphill battle as she attempts to assert herself, once again, as the powerhouse who is worthy of having her name on the front door. As a strong, independent, intelligent woman I have no doubt that she will be up to the challenge but I'm sure it will by no means be an easy endeavor. And if Daniel's cryptic words in High Noon, "Someday he'll make the first move on you" are to serve as a bit of foreshadowing as to what's to come, the fragile state of the once rock solid Jessic/Harvey partnership may continue to crumble.

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