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The Descent

Oh come on, Kevin Williamson already said that Rose is meant to stay Damon's bud, they'll be NOTHING romantic between them. It took Damon 145 years to get over his last love(Katherine), and now that he's admitting his feelings for someone else (Elena), I doubt he'll just fall for Rose, besides "she's a mirror to Damon's humanity" or something like that. Get real people, she's a great character but nothing but collateral damage. I doubt she'll die next episode though, anyway we'll see, I like having her around still, she at least makes Damon smile, and can get the truth out of Elena. And HELL her accent is just too steamy. :) But Delena Always, Stefan is just.. too twilight-like. Sick of that ! Can't wait for the 27th!

Coming to Mystic Falls: More Vampires!

OMG , I LOVE Trent Ford !!!!! He's like PERFECTION. Ian Somerhalder AND Trent Ford, I might die *_*. That's why TVD is my favorite show on TV . I just can't wait!