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Mad Men Review: Drapers Revisited

Much better than the last two weeks. Leave Roger and Harry in very minor roles. Write Harry Hamlin out. We are rid of the thinly written Abe! Don is much more of an interesting character with Thin Betty in the picture. Maybe a chance meeting/romance for the Senator and Megan and Don and Betty can give it a spin for a while again? The final scene with Peggy being shut out of both Don and Ted's offices was great! Talk about a bad day!

Mad Men Review: The Energy Elixir

What a p.o.s. The character's reaction to being on speed were as believable as a Lucy Ricardo episode. People racing in the office? The stupid tap dance. Dan's 72 hour non-stop hallucination? The series has gone down the toilet. And please, god, stop the bearded bear character from acting as if there is any substance to his sneering, leering fat boy portrayal. At least Roger had minimal screen time, sparing us whatever feeble idea the writers may have come up with to show what Moe Howard would have been like on speed.

Mad Men Review: Move Forward

Your review reads as juvenile at best. The storyline for Mad Men has gone completely off the tracks into Soap Opera territory. Where the series once made a statement of what the time period held, it has devolved into a laughable comic strip of mangled characters. I have to watch so I can hate it more each week.

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