What is there to say other than the fact that I am absolutely in love with Gossip Girl. xoxo
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Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Couple in Trouble

Well that sucks. I'm happy for Chair of course but why can't they let Lily and Rufus just be happy for a season? I'm hoping the whole "until the end of the season" means they will stay together in the end.


Say Bart really wasn't dead, would that mean Lily and Rufus technically wouldn't be married because Lily would still be married to Bart. Just saying but that would definitely suck!

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The Wrath of Con (Season 2)

So I'm thinking that Rufus really does need to be in Lily's life to calm her down & make her less nutty if that's possible. I'm sorry but having your daughter arrested is really out there. Plus, I love Lily & Rufus as a couple!

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Least Fav Couple and Why?

I hate Dan/Rachel. I HATE Vanessa/Nate. Also, I'm not big into Chuck/Elle or Serena/Aaron.


On the other hand, I LOVE Nate/Blair, Dan/Vanessa (just because they are so much alike & best friends) and Lily/Rufus (we need one stable relationship in the show I think).

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Would You Rather....

i love Blair being bad. it just...suits her!


would you rather see dan and blair or blair and nate (again)?

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