Huge fan of the show.

Fave Characters would be: Serena and Chuck

Fave Couple: Chuck and Blair

Least Fave Couple: Lily and Rufus

Least Fave Characters: Aaron and as of this week JACK

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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Nate: Aren't you curious what it says? I think I can guess...Your a disappointment of a son, I'd die of embarassment if I wasn't already.... Why do you wear so much purple? BEST LINE OF THE WHOLE EPISODE and very true??? wtf is with the purple and that mint green suit he rocked in the hamptons so odd! 2. Where do Chuck and Blair go from here? Blair is done for now so turns her attention to ruining the new teacher, mean while Chuck fights Jack for the company and for Blair's forgiveness, all is not well until she needs to lean on him for some sort of problem....eating disorder maybe and they are together for a while I guess. THEY NEED TO END UP TOGETHER CHAIR FOREVER 3. On a scale of 1-10, rate Nate and Vanessa's respective uselessness in this episode. Vanessa - 15...
Nate -1,000,000. 4. Most unbelievable: A teenager named CEO of a billion-dollar real estate conglomerate, Jenny's hair, or Nelly Yuki being stealthy enough to gank Dan's phone? Chuck...a 17 year old CEO come on now. But he's definitely hot enough to be poster boy. 5. So Andrew isn't dead after all. How will Rufus and Lily find this out? He comes to ruin their lives???


Maybe Blair's eating disorder is back, Jack found out she's asking him not to tell Chuck; but, he tells him they hooked up instead? Blair is ashamed of the truth and says it's true just so no one will know about her own problems?