love glee. gossip girl is seriously lacking now. what a shame, started out as one of my top shows. ):
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Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck Goes Gay?!

WTF MAN! Just when I thought the writers might acually do good this season they pull the "lets make Chuck gay!" storyline. ugh I hope its just fot Blair & hes not turning gay!

Penn Badgley Image

I loved Penn in John Tucker Must Die!
He really rocks! =D

Blake Lively Image

Blake is really pretty (:

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I wish they would do this on GG...

aww that would be so great!

who knows? maybe it'll happen is season 4! haha, i wish.

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Dorota's Columbia Connection

Sounds awesome(: I love Dorota!

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New ADORABLE NS pics/stills (Spoilers)

whoot! I'm so excited for the new episodes!

Serenate! <3

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