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YAY!!! I am so happy! I didn't like watching him and serena. Their scenes made me want to gag at times :)


haha i love chuck!! he's always got something smart to say :P

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate and Jenny Update

I'd probably get so annoyed watching this scene! urghhh

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Aside from B and S, Whose side r u on , Chuck's or Nate's?

neither one.. but Chuck is a good friend although some of things he does are wrong. Even though Chuck comes across as an arrogant bad boy, deep inside he really has a good heart for those he cares for..


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Favorite/Least GG Character??

I love Blair.. I love how she's bitchy and her character is so awesome on that show..

I also like Chuck's character :). Love the way he talks and I like the way he carries himself.


My least favorite is Vanessa!! She shouldn't have treated B the way she did last episode! Like she doesn't know what type of girl B is.. you mess with B she's always going to find a way to bring you down ^_^ B is sooo fierce and I love it



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Confirmed Death (Only Possible 5) (Spoilers)

I wish Vanessa!! She's really getting on my nerves the past episode! who does she think she is threatening B! GOSH!!!!

If Eric dies that'd be so sad.. and maybe jenny was crying looking at eric's picture since they're friends?

If Bart dies that would make sense..since that's the only Rufus and Lily would get back together..

I can't wait for this episode!!

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