i share this account with my friend,,,,, lacey. so whatever. we ship/eat anything. shes usually on, but i made the account. occasionally emma too. you'll never know whos really on. or care. it makes no difference. we've got the same views on everything. this is so pointless , sometimes we've just gotta let out our thoughts though.

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second, but im actually surprised the votes seem pretty even. usually theres like a majority and a minority, you know? both are nice though. next time, i think it would be cool if we had like a contest where we could submit banners and you guys pick a winner. that would be more fun imo. but im so happy you guys are changing it! i love change (: haha


nooooo :( he looks like zac efron here :(
hot, but i hate that it reminds me of zac sooo much.
and yes ggi needs a new lyt (:

Katy and Isabel

aww this is adorble. :)