I love Grey's. It is smart, sexy and funny. I love the chracters and how real they are to me. Or atleast how they used to be.  As you can tell, Christina Yang is my favorite character without a doubt. She's hardcore, but there when you need her.  I pretty much love everyone else except George. Let it be known. I hate this chracter with a passion. But nevertheless he's part of the fantastic whole and I have to accept that. 

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It brings my heart joy to see that George is finally getting the screen time he deserves...none. I knew Izzie was going to choose Christina. I'm against strangling, I find it hard to cheer for a couple that has physical violence worked in the romance. It's not cool. Depression or not. How are they gonna smooth that over.

Private Practice Episode Guide: "Acceptance"

I think sheldon and charlotte are sweet. They kind of understand each other. But truthfully I want Pete to be the baby daddy. Sheldon can be cooper and cooper and charlotte can have a real relationship. And it will all be perfect.

Private Practice Caption Contest XI

Addison: Somebody's go to do it.
Violet: I don't think it's neccessary.
Addison: I think Naomi should.
Naomi: (laughing nervously) What!? Why me?
Violet: You are the obvious choice.
Naomi: Hey! Your on a roll. Why stop now.
Addison: Nay-
Naomi: What about you! You're the expert.
Addison: Naomi. We have had sex with every man on this show. Nay it's time you break the virgin in.
Violet: He isn't a virgin with a 8 yr old kid. Where did she come from again?
Naomi: (sighs) Okay...I'll sleep with Dell. I just hope he doesn't act all sprung again.