I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan and look forward to getting the inside scoop! As for me, I'm almost nineteen, a college student in Lincoln, and working on a double major in Music Performance and Psychology. I love music, shopping, and hanging out with friends...and GG of course! ;)
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Gossip Girl Review: Behind the Masks ...

I'm a diehard GG fan, and an even bigger fan of Chair. But this episode was seriously a disappointment. I get the kiss, I'm fine with that part. But seriously? Diana is just obnoxious. After the first episode of the season, she clearly overstayed her welcome. Charlie is becoming slightly more relatable and believable, but I'm just not interested in her story line. Serena is just doing her old thing again, and Dan is reverting to his old outsider status. I'll never stop loving the series, but the writers definitely need to get their heads out of the clouds and back to the UES.

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