Hi, my name's Zoey and I'm addicted to Gossip Girl mostly because of my unhealthy obsession with Chuck and Blair =)

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The best part of the episode was Blair and Dorota! Come onn, they were hilarious! Though Chuck and Dan come very close

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Blair: And once again Serena, you manage to steal the spotlight away from me!


@andy: are u for real? chuck tried to rape anything that moved in the pilot.. he slept with a dozen ppl in season 1 but does it mean he finds all of them attractive? no! but if it came down, he has real feelings for blair.. he will alwayssss choose blair.. dan will never choose blair.. mark my words.. so wat if he didnt run to help serena.. that doesnt mean anything.. dan has been in love with serena since he can remember.. so yes, i am saying that if it came down, dan will pick serena over blair.. its obvious to anyone who has seen gossip girl..
and i'm not saying that dont watch the show if u dont like chuck and blair.. i'm just saying that if u've watched gossip girl since season 1 then u'd know that chuck and blair will end up together.. its that simple.. i'm not bashing dair because i actually think that they are cute but just as friends.. if dan and blair were gonna happen, they wouldve happened after that kiss but blair didnt feel anything when she kissed him.. its like just because they watch a couple of movies together, everyone wants them to date.. there are no feelings between them!
and yes, in my opinion, it is a chuck and blair show because all the other characters are irrelevent to me.. the only ones i find interesting are chuck and blair.. serena just sleeps around, dan is all righteous (which gets kinda annoying), and nate is just useless.. thats just my opinion and everyone has different opinions..