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Victory never tasted so sweet..

It's not just that they talked, it's waked they actually said.

didn't dan say that she wasn't his type?


in my opinion they make GREAT friends; i absolutely loved their scenes last night. but chemistry wise, i just can't see it.

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"The Unblairable Lightness of Being" [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

did anyone put any of the chair clips on youtube? i didnt wanna search through this whole thread because i dont have enough time to read all the pages right now and im trying to resist as many spoilers as possible :)

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New Report: Jenny NEVER coming back to GG again. No guest spots either. (Spoilers)

im DEF not a jenny fan but this just sucks because if they write off jenny than i highly doubt they'll ever write off vanessa. and the only way i can manage to get through any of her scenes is by holding on VERY TIGHTLY to the hope that the writers will finally listen to the fans and write her off.

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