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Dan in the finale

Weel,I actually could not see any sence in moral statements of Dan and Serena sex. It was not nearly like Serena slept with Nate before season 1. I also does not beleve to Serena, when she told than she love Dan. She use that words to seduce Dan as a tool, and does not show real feelings, only scheming. Anyway, I hope that new Dan's book about evil females of UES would be great. At season 5 there was almost no decent girl, but bunch of evil doers. Lily's figth with Ivy is so strange, that I become to think, that maybe Ivy is realy Lily's daugther (or maybe even more picant?). Blair's and Serena's scheming was mostly self-destructing, also we saw queen mother dovry, Diana's constant scandal ... At this paint Georgina's cruelty was a regular buzz. Bunch of female evilness.

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*SPOILER ALERT* How did it end??

I am a bit Dan+Georgina fan. This pair was so funny when Georgina was Sarah and with baby. And Dair romance at last season was lame. Blair was "stand by you man" the whole time. that's not pretty. And I still don't understand, how Ivy related yo Van der Woodsens. It's obvious, that she is relative, but how?

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If Dorota is also pregnant, then why the hell...

Well, I could not tell, if Blair pregnant or not, but test could not be hers -- Blair on 6 week, test usually work from 2nd week, so summer should be only 5 weeks , that's does not count. By the way, premiere give me the creeps that Serena are pregnant. 3 pregnancies for one show should be funny.


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