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Before any more unknowing people bash Fillion who has always been a standup guy...the inside story is he is doing this in support of the production crew which has supposedly been getting screwed over for a few years now...let's wait til all the whole story comes out

Castle Review: A Mob and a Mistress

Wow, I have to disagree with these reviews. I thought this was a pretty unrealistic / unbelievable episode. First Ryan is this major undercover cop and no one close to him knows about this??. Then for 7 years not one of the Irish cronies ever saw Ryan on the streets in NYC, this wasn't a major location difference here, we're talking a 15-30 minute drive....I lived in Staten Island for 35 years, there was barely one trip to Manhattan that I didn't meet someone from the Island I knew. Then the undercover sting happened way too fast and to top it off, Castle is calling out the name of a car from a school paper, 30 plus years ago in his dreams for such a lame reason ...geez, give me a break, make it a past relation or a scare he experienced, but a car and a school paper??

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