Walter and Peter
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

Why is this episode of Fringe titled "Ability?" Perhaps an overview of the installment will let us know.

Olivia, Fringe
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 13
"The Transformation "
Original Air Date:

Enjoy the following episode over for "The Transformation." It's the 13th installment of Fringe's first season.

Dr. Bishop
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 12
"The No-Brainer"
Original Air Date:

This episode of Fringe is titled "The No-Brainer." In it, a uniquely talented killer must be brought down.

Trapped Olivia
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

Here's a brief summary of "Bound." It's the first episode of 2009.

Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

Our staff has compiled the following episode guide for "Safe." Let's find out what went down on the latest Fringe!

On the Fringe
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 9
"The Dreamscape"
Original Air Date:

What is The Dreamscape all about? That's the title of the latest episode of Fringe.

Fringe Quotes

Olivia: Peter, I know it's taken me some getting used to, but as long as you're stuck here, you make a good partner.
Peter: Thank you.

Its funny. I love custard, but I hate flan. Which could be an issue of semantics. Or difficulty with the French. Which I doubt, given my near obsession with moules a la creme normande.


Fringe Music

  Song Artist
Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear-mr-fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue-bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes
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