Walter and Olivia
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 18
Original Air Date:

Fringe is getting better and better as its first season wraps up. Here's an overview of "Midnight."

Bad Dreamer
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 17
"Bad Dreams"
Original Air Date:

Here's an overview of "Bad Dreams." It's one of the final first season episodes of Fringe.

Unleased Photo
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 16
Original Air Date:

This hour of Fringe is titled "Unleashed." Enjoy this overview of the installment.

Strange Child
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 15
"Inner Child"
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On this new episode of Fringe - the first in weeks - the team finds a bald, silent and seemingly empathic child. He never eats or pees -...

Walter and Peter
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 14
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Why is this episode of Fringe titled "Ability?" Perhaps an overview of the installment will let us know.

Olivia, Fringe
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 13
"The Transformation "
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Enjoy the following episode over for "The Transformation." It's the 13th installment of Fringe's first season.

Dr. Bishop
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 12
"The No-Brainer"
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This episode of Fringe is titled "The No-Brainer." In it, a uniquely talented killer must be brought down.

Trapped Olivia
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 11
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Here's a brief summary of "Bound." It's the first episode of 2009.

Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 10
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Our staff has compiled the following episode guide for "Safe." Let's find out what went down on the latest Fringe!

On the Fringe
Watch Fringe Season 1 Episode 9
"The Dreamscape"
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What is The Dreamscape all about? That's the title of the latest episode of Fringe.

Fringe Quotes

Peter: Hello. Walter is that you? I can hear you breathing.
Janitor: Is this Peter Bishop?
Peter: Yes.
Janitor: I'm calling from NY. I know this is going to sound crazy but I just saw a woman disappear in front of my eyes.
Peter: Who is this?
Janitor: Her name was Olivia. She has a message for you; she's trapped in the other universe

You, Olivia, have the ability to bend things with your mind. That's what you're doing in this drawing, if you look at it the right way.


Fringe Music

  Song Artist
Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear mr fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes