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Carrie Finds a Mastermind
Watch Homeland Season 3 Episode 6
"Still Positive"
Original Air Date:

Carrie recruits a powerful Iranian operative and turns the table on the person behind the Langley bombing on Homeland.

Saul Hunt
Watch Homeland Season 3 Episode 5
"The Yoga Play"
Original Air Date:

Carrie does a favor that puts her mission at risk while Saul must endure an elite hunting trip with a Senator on Homeland.

Carrie Gets a Call
Watch Homeland Season 3 Episode 4
"Game On"
Original Air Date:

Carrie realizes that despite all that's happened, the CIA can still wield power when necessary on Homeland.

Unexpected Faith
Watch Homeland Season 3 Episode 3
"Tower of David"
Original Air Date:

As Brody's situation grows more difficult he looks back to his faith in an unexpected way and a mystery man offers to help Carrie but at what cost on Homeland.

Jessica and Dana Brody
Watch Homeland Season 3 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

An embattled Carrie learns who is really on her side, and Saul attempts to track down those responsible for the Langley attack.

Testifying On Terrorism
Watch Homeland Season 3 Episode 1
"Tin Man Is Down"
Original Air Date:

On the Homeland season 3 premiere, Carrie must testify in front of the senate committee on the terrorist bombing while Saul takes over at the CIA.

Brody Decides The Future
Watch Homeland Season 2 Episode 12
"The Choice"
Original Air Date:

On the season finale of Homeland, Carrie must make a pivotal choice while Brody and Faber meet to discuss the family's future.

Carrie's Hunt
Watch Homeland Season 2 Episode 11
"In Memoriam"
Original Air Date:

On Homeland, Carrie is afraid something is going on within the agency as she hunts for Nazir and the investigation reveals Roya's true intentions.

F. Murray Abraham on Homeland
Watch Homeland Season 2 Episode 10
"Broken Hearts"
Original Air Date:

Problems arise between Brody and Walden on Homeland this week. Elsewhere, Dana and Finn reach an understanding.

Brody Dinner
Watch Homeland Season 2 Episode 9
"Two Hats"
Original Air Date:

Events continues to take shape on this episode of Homeland. It's titled "Two Hats."

Homeland Quotes

It's not even a real country. It's a fuckin' acronym.


Carrie: Quinn. This changes everything. It means I really need you now.
Quinn: No Carrie. I really can't do that.
Carrie: You know I wouldn't ask you if there was someone else I could really count on. Don't make me beg.
Quinn: I'm sorry. I can't do it.
Carrie: Please. Please.
Quinn: Shit Carrie.
Carrie: I know.
Quinn: You're the hardest person in the world to say no to.
Carrie: Is that a yes? God I fucking love you, Quinn, you know that don't you?

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