Frank and Ilana
Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

This episode focuses on Sayid. It's titled "Sundown" and we've got a rundown of its events here.

Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 4
Original Air Date:

The final season of Lost continues to churn toward a conclusion. This episode is titled "Lighthouse."

Beach Scene
Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 3
"The Substitute"
Original Air Date:

Locke is on a mission this week. Or Fake Locke, we should say. Read on for a recap.

Handsome and Armed
Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 2
"What Kate Does"
Original Air Date:

The sixth season of Lost continues. This week's episode is titled "What Kate Does."

Flight 815 Passenger
Watch Lost Season 6 Episode 1
"LA X"
Original Air Date:

The aftermath from Juliet's detonation of the hydrogen bomb is the focus of this episode. It's the season six premiere.

Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 16
"The Incident"
Original Air Date:

Jack's plan to fix things on the Island is by by resistance from those close to him; Locke assigns Ben a difficult task.

Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 15
"Follow the Leader"
Original Air Date:

Jack and Kate disagree on how they want to save the other Island survivors; Locke solidifies his role as leader of the Others; and Sawyer and Juliet come under the scrutiny of Dharma.

Daniel Faraday Pic
Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 14
"The Variable"
Original Air Date:

Daniel Faraday returns to - and comes clean about what he knows about - the Island. But not all goes as planned.

Miles Pic
Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 13
"Some Like It Hoth"
Original Air Date:

Ben is taken from the infirmary and Miles is forced to work with Hurley to deliver a package. Meanwhile, we learn about Miles via flashbacks.

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus
Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 12
"Dead is Dead"
Original Air Date:

Ben summons the smoke monster so he may be judged for his sins.

Lost Quotes

Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom