11 Truly Terrible Series Finales

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These shows are prime examples of how NOT to end a series.

Toggle through the worst finales in TV history now.

1. Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy
Talk about dragging out the obvious! The Sons of Anarchy finale was two hours for some reason, despite very little happening and the ending having been forecasted for weeks on end. We never thought we'd say this about SOA, but it was just boring.

2. True Blood

True Blood
Sookie helped Bill kill himself because he didn't think she could live a normal life with him around. So much for true love. And for the notion of True Blood as a wild and crazy series who definied "normal" in its own eccentric ways.

3. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother killed off the mother AND split up Barney and Robin. In a word.... why?!?!?

4. Dexter

Dexter killed off Deb, left Harrison to be raised by a serial killer and turned Dexter into a lumberjack.

5. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl
A happy ending for two couples? Yes. But Dan as Gossip Girl?!? Come on. Moreover, nothing could save the generally reviled final season(s).

6. The Sopranos

The Sopranos
Call us crazy, but a series finale should not leave fans wondering if their cable went out.

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retarded list from a retarded site of retarded dipshit "writers" this is why I and anyone else with a brain un-bookmarked your site god knows
how many years ago. Oh and Ad-Block is thankfully on so no money for you dumbasses with this
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Disagree about Seinfeld. They went to jail for... DOING NOTHING!


I just loved the Gossip Girl finale, I found it perfectly satisfying.


Uh...you forgot Angel, you know, the series where every beloved character fucking dies and you end up hating Joss Whedon for ever creating the series? Another one: Secret Life of the American Teenager. And I disagree with Desperate Housewives. That was one of the best finales I've ever seen.


Bayylestar Galatica


I think the worse series finale was the Nine Lives of Chloe King. They left you hanging every which way possible! They had people poisoned, stabbed, shot, and I don't remember what else and you never find out who survived and who didn't. They should have at least let us know that much before it was over.


Lost should have been number 1, Lindelhof's reliegious obsession did ruin a wet dream, oh and Prometheus too.


I'd add Mad About You. I adored that show, and the finale destroyed the entire point of it for me.


I didn't hate the Lost finale,I was just kinda meh about. For me the worst ever were Sliders, Angel,and Alias. I absolutely did hate their finales.


Re Lost: It was never about the end. It was about the journey. And if you go back and watch again, lots of "unanswered" mysteries will become clear. The end was absolutely perfect.

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