These shows are prime examples of how NOT to end a series.

Toggle through the worst finales in TV history now.

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother killed off the mother AND split up Barney and Robin. In a word.... why?!?!?
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No finale will ever beat the ending of MASH, if you"re old enough to remember it, you know how shows should end.


Since I didn't watch any of them, I think every ending was great, because the shows were OVER! ;-)


I think Dan been gossip girl was perfect, no one expected it


Yeah, I am so glad that most people agree with me. The season finale of HIMYM, which was my kids and my favorite show, was…wait for it a "legendary" failure. I can't even was the reruns. But LOST was amazing, brilliant, phenomenal television.


I have to disagree about Seinfeld. It was exactly the sort of ending the series deserved, short of the jail cell actually being some sort of afterlife inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit."


I really wish, that people who are just too stupid or too lazy to understand the finale of "Lost" would once and for all stop blaming the writers for it. All you had to do was keeping up and think a little bit more than you usually do.

@ Anubis2705

aww stop your whining...

@ Sheppard1

Do you see the irony in your own post?


Forever Knight had the worst series finale, hands down.


The Dexter finale really was crap -_-"


I loved Lost till the very end: IMO the series finale was amazing!


This is ridiculous and whiny trash. Most of these were fantastic endings.

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