Who should be nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series this year? Read on for our Emmys Wish List.

Taylor Schilling
Netflix will enter Orange is the New Black in the Comedy series this year, meaning Taylor Schilling's layered portrayal of Piper Chapman - at times hilarious, intense and heart-wrenching - should receive serious consideration.

Emmy Rossum isn't on the list, it is therefore an incorrect list.

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@ Mitchell

I was just about to leave the exact same comment Mitchell! Lol! And William H Macy was put on their lead actor list. I think Emmy Rossum deserves to win an emmy way more than Macy does. Fiona is such a complex character and Emmy plays her perfectly. She is honestly one of the most talented actresses on television and she deserves to be recognized at least with a nom (although she deserves a win too).

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