Hart of Dixie photos from "One More Last Chance"

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Will Lavon's last ditch effort save Bluebell from the merger? Will Wade win over Vivian's son?

Check out these preview photos from Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 11, "One More Last Chance" airing Monday, January 27 on The CW.

1. Lavon Looks Dejected

Lavon Looks Dejected
Lavon looks dejected. Perhaps things didn't go well with the Lt. Governor. Can Bluebell be saved?

2. Saving BlueBell

Saving BlueBell
Will Zoe help Lavon in his quest to save Bluebell from the merger? "Once More Last Chance" is the 11th episode of the show's third season.

3. Playing With His Truck

Playing With His Truck
Will little Hartley leave Wade to play with his own truck? Winning over Vivian's son may be more difficult than Wade expected.

4. What's That Look?

What's That Look?
What's that look that Zoe's giving Wade? Whatever they're talking about it's obviously not making her happy on this episode of Hart of Dixie.

5. A Historic Town

A Historic Town
Can Lavon get the rest of the town to help him convince the Lt. Governor that Bluebell should be considered a historic town?

6. Lavon Goes All Out

Lavon Goes All Out
Lavon goes all out to convince the Lt. Governor to save Bluebell and stop the merger on Hart of Dixie.

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