Sons of Anarchy

Tuesdays 10:00 PM on FX
Sons of anarchy
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Jax Teller Promo Pic - Sons of Anarchy
Jax lights up in this promotional photo for Sons of Anarchy Season 7. He will be on the war path this fall.

I will be lost without SOA. This show is incredible sexy and exciting to watch. Love it. Love It


Love Jax- after all he's been through to get the MC on the right path, I hope that he will continue to do that...after he meets out vengeance for Tara's death, of course. I hope that he's one of the one's left to carry on JT's legacy, and what JT really wanted the MC to be until Gemma & Clay got a hold of it! Love the promo's going to be a helluva final ride;)


I'm hoping Gemma ends up in prison for life, that Jax & Juice die terrible deaths, that Bobby becomes president, that Nero finally learns what kind of monster Gemma truly is, & Kim Coates, who plays Tig,survives on SOA & continues his acting career after this show ends-I LUST for that man, haha!

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Clay: Where the hell are the Irish?
Jax: In Ireland.

Charming. Our name says it all. This is a bad place isn't it Wayne?

Sheriff Jarry