The 100 WonderCon Interviews

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We're on the WonderCon red carpet here for a number of interviews with key members of The 100. Check em out now!

1. Jason Rothenberg Interview

Jason Rothenberg produces The 100. So who better to talk to at WonderCon about what's on tap for this CW series?

2. Eliza Taylor and Devon Bostick Interview

Eliza Taylor and Devon Bostick play key roles on The 100. We chatted with them at WonderCon 2014 and asked about this CW drama.

3. Bobby Morley and Lindsey Morgan

Bobby Morley and Lindsey Morgan star on The 100. We tracked the stars down at WonderCon to ask them about this CW drama.

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Clarke elevates herself. She's special.


Gina: Don't do anything stupidly heroic.
Bellamy: Garden-variety heroic. You got it.