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Ryan Hurst News

Ryan Hurst has been acting for years! His mother was an acting coach, and his father was an actor, so acting comes very natural to him.

His first acting roles were appearances on television shows, such as Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills, 90210, and JAG.

He then started appearing in movies, such as The Postman, Patch Adams, Saving Private Ryan, and Rules of Engagement. You probably know him best from his role as the linebacker, Garry Bertiers, in Remember the Titans. After that, he was in Venus and Mars, We Were Soldiers, The Ladykillers, and recently did a voice over for Jedidiah in Rango.

You can currently see Hurst in Sons of Anarchy as Opie Winston.

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Santa Monica, California

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Chibs: Thanks for yesterday.
Jarry: For the sex or the heads up?
Chibs: For the heads up. You should be thanking me for the sex.

I was raised a Catholic. Everything's a worry for me.

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