Amy Sherman-Palladino Interview

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This this interview, Bunheads and Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino addresses a number of topics, starting with criticism from Shonda Rhimes.

This is critically insane, and analytically confused. What just happened?


I need to contact Amy. About Gilmore girls. I have to ask her about Gilmore Girls. I realised my mum had all the seasons last year so I thought I might check it out, and I started watching it and I LOVED it!!!! I have watched the entire series 4 times since last year. And I need to ask her to write A Gilmore Girls movie. I can't live without them and I am unsatisfied with the ending. It was shit! Luke and Lorelei can't get back together in the last 3 minutes of the ENTIRE series!!!! I waited 5 seasons for Luke and Lorelei to get back together ! And in the LAST SEASON AND LAST 3 minutes, they get back together! What the hell happens after!?!?!? I need more! They make my life worth living. This is defiantly my favourite tv series. I have never been able to pick one. But this is it! I need need need more Gilmore Girls. I don't give a shit how sick of hearing this Amy May be. But I don't just want them back. I NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED them back!!!!! :'@

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