Criminal Minds Promo: "Hope"

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A case hits very close to home for Garcia this week. Check out the Criminal Minds preview for "Hope" now.
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Although they don't confirm it, it makes no sense in my mind to bring AJ back and not gisning TG and SM for next season. It's obvious that their aim is to restore the team's previous configuration. I'm very hopeful for good news on TG/SM within the next few days. Unfortunately I'm not so hopeful about Paget. She has had the option to sign for next season ever since Emily's storyline in S6 started to be wrapped up. Not only she didn't give a definitive answer but also got a comedy pilot, something she confessed she had missed. So I guess if the pilot is picked up she'll go for it. And honestly I don't see how a pilot produced by Jack Black and starred by Brewster, Jon Dore and Donald Sutherland will not be picked up for at least one season.


I love this people, Garcia always has hope, AJ, she is the mother of the pack, Dr. Reed, will he get a girlfriend some day?, he is so cute and smart, And the rest of them are also great. Many Blessings to all.Hope some day I will meet all of you. KAthy


I got nothing. How do I connect to see preview of Hope? I love Garcia.


Criminal Minds Episode one of the girls reads a bedtime story to her son at the end loved it where was it from or was it the script???

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Reid: So this letter Monica allegedly received from her daughter contains no indication of female authorship. It lacks expression of emotional attachment.
Hotch: The UnSub wrote it?
Reid: I believe so. The language used is inconsistent with that of a 15-year-old held in captivity the past seven years.

Agent Morgan: There was no sign of struggle at the scene.
Agent Prentiss: What if she went willingly? He could've approached her and had Hope with him.
Agent Rossi: That would certainly get her attention.
Dr. Reid: Still it's pretty high risk to abduct in such a high traffic area. The parking lot was right next to a strip mall.
Rossi: Any witnesses?
Garcia: I was the last person that saw her.