Dexter Promo: Once Upon a Time

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Mos Def debuts on this episode of Dexter, while we learn more about Professor Gellar. Enjoy the official Showtime trailer for "Once Upon a Time."
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I can't watch this show anymore. I've been trying to bring myself to enjoy it but I can't. Season 1 was perfect, and season two was great. I ascribed the poor quality of season 3 to Jimmy Smitts bad acting and the writers strikes. Season four was entertaining and Lithgow is an exceptional actor, but the ending was to permanent. It went for shock value, but it's clear from season 5 and 6 that the writers didn't think it through. They clearly had no idea where to go after Rita's death. It's gotten to the point where they've kinda just written Cody and Astor out of the script entirely. Do you guys remember Cody and Astor? Rita's kids? The writers are hoping you forgot about them. Another thing that chaps my butt is the Dexter is following the Soprano formula. Bring on somewhat favorite actor and either kill them off or have them leave at the end of the season. You're notice the best 2 seasons didn't follow that formula(Season 1 and 2). However the three mediocre seasons did: Jimmy Smitts, John Lithgow, Julia Styles and now James Edward Almos and Colin Hanks. It appears from the preview to this episode that Mos Def is making a cameo too. This was once my favorite show on TV. I still watch season 1 and 2 on DVD in September every year to get myself pumped up for the new season, only to be let down every time.

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