Forget a promo for season two of Falling Skies. This video actually depicts the opening three minutes from the season two premiere.

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what channel can i watch this on in Canada i dont seem to get tnt


I heard 6 season too for American Gods. FireFly eeivrw? Cool! BTW, while you are in the Fs, how about a Farscape eeivrw at some point? Can't wait for Spartacus. Will check out Falling Skies. Keep up the great work team! Loving it!!! Less than a month for the return of Heisenberg! PS are the FYC podcasts still ongoing? Or are they to be intermittent or done altogther? I enjoy those as well.

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Falling Skies Quotes

Karen: Glad you came Hal. I wasn't sure you got my message.
Hal: Loud and clear.

Girl: Nice one, Benji.
Ben: Stop calling me that.