Gossip Girl's producers preview the next new episode. Watch clips and commentary from "Rhodes to Perdition" here.

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SAMEE!! omg yaaa but alll i want is serena to b back with dan!


i still want to know what happened between carol and lily from valleu girls ending to now to make them hate each other... hope this is explained soon

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Charlie: I've never seen so much lamé before. Grandma actually wore this?
Lily: Yes. And looked fabulous riding in on an elephant in it. Which is why the Studio 54 anniversary party is in her honor. And Bianca Jagger's, but we won't mention that to her when she arrives.

On the Upper East Side, staying alive isn't as easy as it appears. And after last week's security breach leading to no new tips, it looks like I might be dancing by myself.

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