Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode: Special Preview

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The music has touched us! Don't miss the UNPRECEDENTED Grey's Anatomy Music Event, Thursday March 31.

The Music Event was totally awesome !!! love love love. everyone i know either totally loved it or totally didn't. well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh wait nvm lol


OMFG I just had a what if? moment! Listen to what Owen says at the end of the preview and then remember the clip of Mer crying into Dereks' shoulder - What if it's Christina that gets injured? The hand that reaches out - it's long and skinny, like Christina's - it's possible, right?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

If you can think of a reason; any reason at all why the universe is so screwed up and random and mean; now would be an amazingly good time to tell me because I really need some answers.


It came out of nowhere. I asked her to marry me, and a truck came out of nowhere.