Javier Colon and Stevie Nicks - Landslide

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Prior to being named champion on The Voice, Javier Colon sang a duet with Steve Nicks. Check it out here.
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Okay, so I'm super excited baecuse just the other day I told my hubby that I'm sure I could make crackers. I'm only 21 and my mom never really cooked, so I'm trying. (I made your tortilla recipe the other day, it was amazing!) Anyways, I need to learn to freeze things baecuse my 2 year old and hubby would go through this batch of crackers in a heartbeat. You said you can freeze them how does that work? You can freeze the actual crackers? How should I do that, like in a freezer bag or something? And for how long and then how would I thaw them out? I'm not good with freezing things yet, it's something I have yet to learn and I'm afraid to waste money by freezing things wrong.

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