Jay Leno Says Goodbye

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Jay Leno signs off for good in this Tonight Show clip. He passes the torch to Jimmy Fallon.
Sue ann

I watched Jack Paar do this show sometimes. I watched Johnny Carson do this show a LOT. I have watched Leno some, although I would have watched more if his network had a stronger broadcast signal in my town. I never saw the Conan O'Brien incarnation as host of the Tonight Show; I regard him as a nasty piece of work, like the pre-heart-attack Letterman was. Jimmy Fallon is a sweet and funny guy, and I will watch him as the host. Giving them the hours of my life is the highest praise I can give these men ... I think that Fallon will do well. He has a generous spirit, and wants his guests to do well. That was said to be one of the secrets to the brilliance of Johnny Carson. I wish Jay Leno well in his retirement.

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