Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue Interview

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We're on the Once Upon a Time set with Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison for this interview. Get an idea of what's on tap for Hook and Emma now.

I know he is married, but there is some serious chemistry between them. Obviously, he's happily married but him and JMO definitely have a connection.


They need to get together ! obviously i mean Hook and Emma!!! They have it all... go all the way!


hahahaha Jennifer!!!!!! I love these two so much!!! Her face!


At the risk of sounding dramatic, but these two will be the death of me!! In the best way possible - love the story of Captain Swan so much and I love it even more that Jennifer and Colin love it as well :)
Thanks so so much for this lovely interview.
"you don't have to kiss to be intimate" - Jennifer is our Queen.

@ Ana

AAAHHH!!! I know...they are amazing- on and off screen...LOVE THEIR CHEMISTRY!!

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