Leah Pipes Comic-Con Interview

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We adore Leah Pipes as Cami on The Originals. The actress previews Season 2 in this interview.
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I love Leah Pipes and I've really enjoyed Cami's character so far but I also wish the writers gave her something more substantial to do than to be everyone else's therapist! I absolutely think she should stay away from both Marcel and Klaus for a while, so she can find her own independance and her place into this world!
After all she has this arsenal she has to protect and take care of. What happened to that? If the writers don't address that then I'm sorry to say but this is not a good move :( because this is one of the most interesting SLs she's had last season (that and being a good investigator of sorts) in my humble opinion. Hopefully they'll let her use this weapon and let her spread her wings a little bit more this time!

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