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The fan favorite talks her new gig as well as DWTS and looks back on The King Of Queens.

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Leah has obviously not watched the previous seasons of DWTS. She made it into the semi-finals, she should be happy just about that. Corbin yeah he took dance lessons as a kid, but that's still very different than learning professional ballroom dancing. He was learning right alongside Leah even though he's considered to have "dance experience" same thing for Amber, if anyone has see Glee, yeah they do have dance numbers, but if you really pay attention Amber doesn't really dance as much as the others, and they even did a storyline for Mercedes where she hated to dance. I give Leah her props for going on the show, but it took awhile to see how she did improve. If you've seen the Spooky BomBom dance, Bill was really the glue that held that thing together. Also during the switch-up challenge, you can see that she walked out on rehearsals. I'm just saying, it's not just about the scores, it's how the fans respond to that star, and unfortunately she just didn't have the fanbase to keep going.

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