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The promo for NCIS' January 15, 2013 episode. Ziva is out for payback.

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Loved these two episodes!! So powerful! What did Tony say to Ziva at the end?


I felt your pain as yo screamed Abba. I made the same one when my Dad passed and worse when I lost my Mommy. A HUGE HOLE opened up that can never again be filled.Your performance was The very best. Hugs and much love


1) Flying to Israel is not necessary for a proper Jewish burial.
2) No Jewish individual's body would be allowed to be alone after death - not even for a moment. Washington and surrounding areas have numerous hevra kadisha groups that would take care of the body if necessary.
3) Traditionally, a Jewish burial takes place within 24 hours of the death, except that no funerals ever occur during the sabbath (from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday). Traditionally, Eli would be buried on Sunday.
4) You will recall that Ducky refused to do an autopsy on a Muslim man in one episode, as it is against Muslim beliefs. It is likewise against Jewish beliefs; it will be interesting to see if that belief is honored here.


A great show. Cote De Pablo deserves a round of applause.Great acting.


that was a good showing it made me cry. But thank you for not letting Ziva die. I look forward to every new episodes each week. I make sure that I don't get disturbed when it comes on. I also watch all of the reruns everyday they come on. Thank you for such a great show. And being the number one show. It's number one of all times and in the future too in my book.

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