Once Upon a Time Clip - What's That Noise?

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Mary Margaret apologizes to Regina for murdering Cora in this Once Upon a Time scene. Watch as the frenemies then hear a strange noise.

Even though Cora was mean, she was still Regina's mother. If someone tricked you into killing your own mother you would hate them!! But Regina's just like "Nahh, it's okay, I don't care" No matter what Cora had done, Regina still loved her so why is she forgiving her? Makes no sense.

@ Katie

B/c on both sides it's time for forgiveness. Yes, Regina loves her mother, but she also realized that she didn't even know her mother and is only now coming to terms with her mother's actions, many if not all of which, affected Regina's life and who she became. She tells Snow, "it's complicated," b/c she understands that the both of them are still trying to understand their feelings with what they've done. At least now they can both begin to heal.

@ Katie

Let's see here Cora killed Snow's mom.
Regina killed Snow's mom.
Cora killed Johanna, the only person Snow had from her chidlhood.
Cora killed numerous allies of Snow's for example Lancelot.
Regina, while Snow was on the run, killed anyone who tried to help Snow. Snow killed Cora which indirectly saved lord knows how many lives. Snow didn't owe anyone an apology.

@ Derrick

It was Cora who killed Snow's mother. Though Regina is culpable for her actions, most, if not all, stemmed from Cora's machinations. But, I'm glad they've stopped keeping count and are allowing Regina and Snow to make amends.

@ Derrick

Regina killed Snow's Dad*.


Watch as the sisters then hear a strange noise. How are they sisters ? is this a typo ?

@ nicole+

what are you reeding - are U tired or what. it says "Watch as the frenemies then here s strange noise."

@ fenix

She's right, it did say "watch as the 'sisters' hear a strange noise." The editor corrected it yesterday.

@ Dacaria

didn't know that. It's hard to believe someone could make that kind of a mistake. What could've he been thinking on when he wrote that - seriously doesn't make any sence.


I love Regina more and more every time I see her. She has grown so much, and has let go a lot of pain and anger. I'm very happy that TPTB allowed her and Snow to come to terms with the past hurt. If Cora never interfered they would have made great friends and allies. Well, better late than never, and maybe b/c of their past history, their future as friends/family will be stronger for it.


Wow. They're talking. Like grown-ups with a brain. And acknowledging shit that went down ages ago. This show is usually at such a breakneck rush to get to the next big magical crisis, that every time something happens that *should* have a big emotional affect, it gets ignored or shelved or they have people act like it hasn't happened at all or it gets a shallow 30 seconds of attention. I'm amazed that they've brought this make up again. But pleased!

@ Carol

Yes, I agree. All the characters have internal angst and it's about time the writers are addressing some of them.

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