Pan Am Promo: "Diplomatic Relations"

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We're off to Moscow on this episode of Pan Am. Check out the ABC preview for "Diplomatic Relations" now.
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No need to be negative, Maria. Just tune out. Anne, Maggie still likes guys. Its Amanda who is gay. She should be honest with Ted and not assume Maggie will accept the intimacy... or, maybe that should be you not assuming which character is the gay one. READ the synopsis and spoiler guides out there!


Pass. Show has jumped the shark big time


Ugh Maggie has always liked guys! They cannot realistically try to make believe that she now likes girls. I hate when they make straight people gay just to get ratings up, and I'm gay.

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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Six months ago I was a courier, and now you want me to pull this girl out of Russia?


So everything, everything I didn't understand is because you were a spy and I was in the dark.
Bridget. Not everything. Women are a conundrum, even when they aren't spies.