Psych Clip: Shawn Flips Out

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Shawn sort of loses it in this great scene from "Last Night Gus." Is it your favorite from season 6?

I love the idea. My daughter Sherry has eraned a Momcave. She is a single mom of an 19yr. old son who she has raised on her own. I am her mom and I have lived with her for 6 yrs. My S.S. disability isn't large enough so I live with her also. She has sometimes worked 2-3 jobs. I would SO LOVE to give her a mom cave, but can't. We will be moving into a very modest new home that she has built on Sept 21. We have old and second hand furniture and it will quite a while befor we can save and buy something new. I am SO PROUD of all that she has done to make a home for us. She is very selfless and goes out of her way to help everyone else. She deserves the best and I hope someday it comes to her. Love your idea to bring happiness to women who deserve something nice. My hat off to HGTV!!!


"Imagine that Jack!!" I can't believe he freaked out like that


I totally love this scene. Poor Lassi...."spooning with woody".

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Psych Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

My finger to eyebrow device is broken....


You don't have enough game for half of ONE of those women.

Shawn [to Gus]