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This preview is for Shonda Rhimes' new series Scandal. Will you watch, based on her reputation and/or this clip?

Best ever love this show can't wait.Any. longer 4.the new season


People pepole pepole I dont even know where to start. I used be to like you, doubting this record. I was honestly scared, I thought this is the end. Then I realized this simple truth; you can't change what you can't change . I think most pepole here probably became fans with TBL, and because of that we have this bias for the glory days. I think deep down we all wish we could back to those days, and we compare every new release to TBL and NIS, and guess what, anything new the guys do isn't gonna give you those warm fuzzy feelings like when you listen to M2L and DYTM. Because you havent lived with these songs for 8 years. Switchfoot has never been in the business of repeating records. TBL wasn't only their biggest mainstream success, it was (in my opinion) their most mainstream sounding record. Every release since I feel has been a step to a more mature, original sound. Left brain speaking I feel switchfoot has grown in creativity and artistry, but right brain feeling, I find myself less effected by the songs regardless of the fact I feel the songs are getting better with every new release. Because although the songs are getting better, they don't compare to the way their older songs speak to me emotionally, because I havent lived with them for as long. I realized with this record, subconsciously, I was almost trying to control the way the record turned out, then I let it go, and embraced the fact that if switchfoot wanted to change, it was their decision to make. I embraced the fact that they were maturing, and that never will be another TBL. Maybe you have the same problem maybe not. All I'm saying is, question your reasons for disliking this record.

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Scandal Quotes

I kept my distance from him because I was terrified of what he Turns out he was yours the whole time. But he was always mine, or he should have been. But I was afraid, and now he's gone.


[to Cyrus] It hurts until it doesn't. You think it's going to break you, but it won't. You may not sleep as well at night, but you will be fine. Numb, but numb and fine are the same.